Catori is a spa that specializes in a variety of massages, swedish, deep tissue, manual lymphatic drainage (MLD-vodder method)/ post-op care, hand & foot treatments, reiki (energy transformation), and chiropractic care (on select days). Our goal is to cater to each of our guests needs with tranquility and uniqueness. There's never a wait to get you in or a rush to get you out.


Our Therapist

Crys MT#132597 a native of St. Louis, MO. She began her career over 11 years ago when she attended Missouri State University to pursue her psychology degree. Crys is also a massage therapy instructor MI#4076 who has completed over 1000 hours of ongoing massage therapy training. After working in the education field for 5 years, Crys realized there were many children growing into adults that had experienced inappropriate touch, which led her to pursue her passion in massage therapy. Inappropriate touch at any age, can cause many relationship issues, insecurities, mental & emotional distress to name a few. Appropriate touch can help to overcome and possibly heal one from such trauma. Boundaries are a great way to promote comfortable therapy sessions, which is what she provides. In the year of 2019, Crys decided to relocate to Dallas, TX with her family for greater opportunities and to grow her practice. She holds licenses in the state of MO & TX with a host of additional honors awards and certifications. Crys has been recognized for the relationship she builds with clients and the atmosphere she provides regardless of the service they are receiving. Her saying is, "No matter if it's your first time meeting me, your experience in the spa will feel like we've known each other forever."

2100 N HWY 360
Suite 1204
Grand Prairie, TX 75050