Traditional massage great selection for first time guests. Uses of light, medium to firm pressure, targeting areas that the client's experiences discomfort. Hot towel and/ or aromatherapy applied to back and feet that allows the muscle to relax. Complimentary slippers are given to all first time guests.

60 min/ $100

Chiropractic Services

Initial visits with adjustment, school physicals, consultations referrals, sports rehab

varies $30-$100

Lymphatic Drainage/Post-Op Massage

Lymphatic massage is a slight gentle pressure used to help reduce swelling and fluid build up. It encourages the lymph fluids in the body, helps with lymphedema. Also, most common for post surgery patients when recommended by a doctor to prevent fibrosis or other health issues. *Ask about our packages*

30 min/ $75.00

Wood Therapy

Non-invasive technique using a various of wooden tools used to encourage lymphatic circulation. This helps to alleviate cellulite, stress, wrinkles, fat composites etc. Normally takes 3 treatments to see results

 60 min/$115.00


Non-invasive procedure used to rupture fat cells and eliminate them from the body. Unlike the surgical procedure of liposuction there's no down time, anesthesia, it's painless and cost effective. Book your first visit with us today and receive a FREE pair of slippers!

45 min/ $135.00

Hand & Foot Treatment

Sugar scrub made with a various of organic oils, such as (coconut, jojoba, almond), sugars, essential oil, and love. This helps to exfoliate dead skin cell buildup on your hand and feet. Your hands and feet are then lathered in a natural body butter made by Catori Massage with a scent of your choice, leaving your skin with a soft and beautiful glow.

30 min/ $45.00

Teeth Whitening 

The process of lightening your teeth that may have been stained by coffee, smoking, or simply an undesirable color. Anyone with poor dental hygiene is not a recommended candidate. You must have received an oral evaluation within the past 6 months to year with a dentist.

30 min/ $50.00

Cold Stone Facial

A cold stone facial consists of warm towels, chilled marble stones, and a hint of aromatherapy. This facial is great for someone that suffers from TMJ/jaw pain from teeth grinding, sinus issues, and headaches/migraines. It also helps to calm an overactive mind, relieve any facial swelling or irritation.

20 min/ $35.00

Travel Services

Therapist will travel with equipment to destination of the client. $50 (convenience fee) additional $25 per every 5 miles from spa location. Prices may vary depending on service. Call for more info

90 min/ $75.00